Seamless Operational Awareness

  • Multi-Use Technology – Safety, Security, Compliance
  • No Capital Investment – Surveillance as a Service
  • No Software Installation – Secure Cloud Based Architecture
  • No IT or Communications Infrastructure - We Handle Everything

Protect Assets

  • Secure, Cloud Based
  • 100% Scalable and Customizable
  • Monitoring Services Available
  • Integrate information Silos

Do More with Less

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Second-to-None Customer Service
  • Rapid Response for Emergencies
  • Robust Partner Relationships
  • One-Stop-Shop

Turn Key Services

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Welcome to IMTS, LLC

The extraction and distribution of fossil fuels requires a robust and secure infrastructure. Producers and contractors are tasked with protecting the sites, equipment and personnel to ultimately provide energy resources to the consumer. Monitoring and managing the equipment and people becomes a challenge when the sites are remote, personnel are in transit, or real-time communications are required on site – and it becomes even more difficult when resources are constrained as in today’s business environment.

IMTS, LLC, a leading provider of integrated solutions that address those needs. We specialize in providing technology that help solve the security, communication, tracking, and command and control issues inherent in remote and/or austere environments. Through our innovative line of PersistentWitness™ solutions and services, we specialize in providing enabling technologies to better manage remote sites anywhere in the world. Our platforms are designed as turn-key services to protect assets, lower costs and increase profitability for the hardest to access locations. Whether through our common operating picture or integrated into our customer’s command centers, we assist our customers to manage their most remote sites throughout the lifecycle of a project – beginning to end – providing enhanced logistical coordination, safety, security and accountability of personnel and equipment from anywhere in the world.

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Technology to integrate multi-operational awareness is real and affordable. Our integrated solution can be used for security, safety and environmental compliance, allowing customers to drive significant operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Our systems never sleep, never eat and cannot be bribed. We provide your eyes and ears. We can automate who is allowed on site and where one site. We can manage employee and vendor certifications, attendance and accountability. We can guard gates, direct traffic, watch perimeters and help you manage operations. Our years in Iraq and Afghanistan honed our ability to engineer robust, integrated systems that we can deploy on the most remote sites. Whether a virgin or completed site, we will be there from start to finish and provide unrivaled real-time and forensic operational awareness of the activities. This level of operational awareness drives economies of scale, which drives down disparate technological costs, increases operational efficiencies and more profitable returns.

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Managing contractors and vendors is getting more difficult as human capital resources are stretched. Personnel from production, safety, and security and support contractors routinely visit remote sites ‘alone and unafraid.’ Often communications in an emergency is non-existent. We provide a robust, cloud-based solution that can not only track, but ensure vendors, contractors and employees are current with OSHA and state regulations, certifications and corporate policies. We can supplement timecards with accurate arrival and departure timestamps to ensure accurate invoicing to eliminate fraud and waste. In essence, we can make the use of your human capital more efficient and effective.

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Knowing and understanding the operational heartbeat of a site is critical. Whether it is for security, safety, operations or environmental compliance, data drives operations. Making sense of that data is paramount. Real-time information is critical, but how you analyze and share that information is even more critical to decision makers. IMTS provides the means and the backbone with our cloud-based, license-free platform, OverWatchTM. Integrate all of you major data, security and safety functions into one “Single Pain of Glass” to view multiple sites simultaneously. We can assist by providing a 24/7 operations center or integrate into established centers. We can provide turn-key systems that don’t rely on making big equipment investments. Key managers will always have access to see and share the data anywhere, anytime. Whether from their mobile devices or their desktops. We can assist in reducing operational silos while providing critical data to the “right person at the right time,” optimizing operations, security, safety and compliance on an unlimited sites.

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Who We Are

IMTS, LLC is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to moving beyond traditional thinking by applying the best proven technologies and adapting them to risk-mitigation in ways never originally imagined.



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